Primary Teacher – Cursive

Primary Teacher – Cursive

The Primary Teacher Cursive Font subscription to Hartley Knows online educational resources provides the subscriber with one year of access to 10 modules of our online catalogue to enable teaching of cursive font for students from foundation to year 2. The materials have been developed in-line with the VEYLDF, the Victorian Curriculum and Australian Curriculum for English and Maths.

Pre-requisite: This subscription is only available for those who have completed the Hartley Knows I can write level 1 training to learn the Hartley Knows method of teaching handwriting

Terms and Conditions for Subscription and Training materials use are available at bottom of website

Terms and Conditions for Subscription and Training materials use are available at bottom of website

$75.00 GST


Primary Teacher Subscription – cursive 10 modules

It is necessary to complete the level 1 Hartley Knows I can write training program to be eligible to subscribe at the teacher level. After completing the training program the following modules will be available for use.

The Primary Teachers – cursive subscription provides:

Ready to Write cursive – contains 35 videos of stories and songs and 162 worksheets to learn the writing shapes  used for writing in cursive font

I can write Aa-Zz – contains 195 cursive formation and song videos and 342 worksheets to learn to write in cursive font

Hartley Sing Along – contains our 88 video songs library to learn the writing shapes and letter formations for both print and cursive fonts

Hartley Numbers 0-10 – contains 46 story and formation videos and 122 worksheets to learn to write numerals

Hartley Paper- contains 71 pdf pages of options of coloured, grey and blue dotted thirds in varied sizes

Curriculum Resources – contains tips on using Hartley Knows Resources with each font for SA, VIC, NSW and QLD

Writing Rules – contains 7 video stories and songs along with 11 worksheets to support grammar and written skills

Sensational Stories – contains 22 video stories and 75 worksheets to assist development of self-regulation skills and story writing.

Skill Builder Activities –  contains 60 worksheets for fine motor, perceptual and writing activities

Assessment and Training materials*- contains assessment forms and secured videos for self paced training packages

*please note the training video packages are only available when purchased as an additional item for the training time permitted.

Variations: Discounts may be available for schools wishing to purchase ten or more subscriptions, email to request a quote


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